List of Names of Missing in Action Vietnam War

While doing some research, I stumbled upon a list of the Missing in Action from Vietnam. The thing that struck me as I looked at the names, and how they died, is that I don't think that the US as a country did them, or their families justice in remembering them. We still see some POW MIA flags around, but that just doesn't seem like enough. So, to honor them, I am going to list their names here (1 at a time) as I find time, until I get all 2,489 of them. And to all those who served in Vietnam....Thank You. I'm sorry you didn't get the welcome home you deserved. *Note some of the remains of those listed here have been recovered*
Ralph Harold Angstadt
William Harold Anselmo
Robert Allen Anspach 
Gregory Alfred Antuanano 
Victor Joe Apodaca 
Richard Duane Appelhans
Ivan Dale Appleby
Randolph Jefferson Ard
Steven Ray Armistead
Robert Laurence Armond
Frank Alton Armstrong III
John William Armstrong
William Tamm Arnold
Gerasimo Arroyo-Baez
Alan Frederick Ashall
Clayborn Willis Ashby
Donald Roberts Ashby Sr.
Carlos Ashlock
Donald Henry Asire
Clenn Edward Asmussen
Jay Steven Aston
Carl Benjamin Austin
Charles David Austin


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