1st Lt. Tuy Hoa Vietnam War Letter February 4, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam, February 4, 1968. From the letter…..
   Well, I am just about settled in my new home. I can’t remember when I wrote my last letter. I have done so many things I’ve lost track of time.
   I hope you weren’t worried too much when you didn’t receive a letter from me. I know you didn’t.
   I left Cam Ranh last Thursday morning. We got our convoy moving with 26 vehicles. I was in the last jeep, a gun jeep. I felt just like Rat Patrol. There was a 7.62 mm machine gun mounted on it. Well, anyway, my jeep was the first to break down. I was really scared. There I sat, all by myself in the middle of Charlie country. We finally got it running again and caught up t o the rest of the convoy. A few minutes later another truck broke down. This time the convoy stopped and we waited for an hour and 45 minutes. It was finally decided that we would return to Cam Ranh since we could never make it before dark. On our way back, Charlie decided to play grab-ass with us but some Korean troops in the area took care of them. The next morning we were on the road at dawn. The trip was 120 miles, and you wouldn’t believe the road. I won’t even try to describe it. We were pretty lucky during this trip, no major incidents. We had MP escorts and Helicopter support all the way. Near the end of our journey, we were traveling through some real rough terrain when two bullets hit the road right in front of my jeep. I had no idea where they came from. All I could do was pray., Anyway, the trip proved to be very exciting experience.
   I am now in Tuy Hoa. This place is much different than Cam Ranh. We are in the war here. Our whole perimeter is surrounded by mine fields and our office and quarters are about 100 yards from the South China Sea. As a matter of fact, our perimeter is being harassed by Charlie as I’m writing this letter. This is really an exciting place.
   I sure enjoy my job here which really means a lot. Time should go by fairly fast.
   I haven’t received any mail from anyone for the last week. I sure hope it gets here soon.
   I love you. I think about you all the time.
All my love,  
The photo below was taken about 1966, at Tuy Hoa. Fifteen civilians were killed in the explosion of a homemade Viet Cong mine on a country road. Most of the victims were riding in a Lambretta Tricycle.
This photo is courtesy of the National Archives.
Full photo details.

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