Vietnam Missing in Action POW MIA

I was doing some research on WWI, and while doing that, I stumbled upon a list of the Missing in Action from Vietnam. The thing that struck me as I looked at the names, and how they died, is that I don't think that the US as a country did them, or their families justice in remembering them. We still see some POW MIA flags around, but that just doesn't seem like enough. So in honor of my Uncle who served in Korea, and Vietnam, I am going to list their names here (1 at a time) as I find time, until I get all 2,489 of them. And to all those who served in Vietnam....Thank You. I'm sorry you didn't get the welcome home you deserved. *Note some of the remains of those listed here have been recovered*

Lewis Herbert Abrams 
Robert Joseph Acalotto 
Humberto Acosta-Rosario 
Thomas Yuji Adachi
John Quincy Adam 
John Robert Adams 
Lee Aaron Adams 
Oley Neal Adams 
Samuel Adams 
Steven Harold Adams 
Charles Leroy Adkins 
Joseph Daniel Adrian 
Heinz Ahlmeyer Jr.  
Bobby Joe Albertson  
John Scott Albright II  
Donald Dean Aldren 
Lawrence Lee Aldrich 
Terry Lanier Alford  
Gerald Oak Alfred Jr.  
Harold Lowell Algaard 
Michael John Allard 
Richard Michael Allard 
Richard Kenneth Allee 
Henry Lewis Allen 
Merlin Raye Allen 
Thomas Ray Allen 
Wayne Clouse Allen 
Gerald William Alley 
James Harold Alley 
Frankie Eugene Allgood
David Jay Allinson 
Clyde Douglas Alloway 
Richard Andrew Alm 
Samuel Almendariz 
Albert Harold Altizer 
Robert Wayne Altus 
Harold Joseph Alwan 
Harry Arlo Amesbury Jr. 
Glendon Lee Ammon 
Thomas Hugh Amos 
William Harry Amspacher Jr. 
Denis Leon Anderson
Gregory Lee Anderson
Robert Dale Anderson 
Thomas Edward Anderson 
Warren Leroy Anderson 
Howard Vincent Andre Jr. 
Stuart Merrill Andrews
William Richard Andrews 
Marshall Joseph Angell


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