Vietnam War Letter, Cam Ranh to Tuy Hoa, Combat pay, Jan. 30, 1968

Thanks for your vow to send two letters a day. I really don't think it is necessary. Although I would like it more if you sent five letters a day. I know that didn't make any sense. I've got a lot on my mind tonight. 
   We are presently on alert. I have my loaded rifle hanging on the wall just above your picture. I want to keep both of them in view at all times. Charlie has been extremely active today. Don't worry we'll take care of him. 
   Now for the news. I am leaving Cam Ranh. Your future husband is going out to earn his $65.00 combat pay. 1 Feb. we leave in a convoy for a 150 mile trip to Tuy Hoa. This is the place I was originally assigned. The only change of address will be the APO number. Change it to 96316. Leave everything else the same. 
   By the time you recieve this letter I'll be comfortably settled in my new home. I'm going to cut this off here. I hope you mind, I've got to go. 
   By the way, don't expect any letters for about five days. I'll get one off as soon as possible. I love you, and cherish your love.

All my love,
(Note: thought anybody who was in the Cam Ranh area might enjoy seeing the video below.)

 This photo shows President President Lyndon B. Johnson, and General William Westmoreland surrounded by troops at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 12/23/1967. 
Photo Courtesy of the National Archives. 
Part of Series: Johnson White House Photographs, compiled 11/22/1963 - 01/20/1969
NAIL Control Number: NLJ-WHPO-A-VN033
Other Identifier: C8051-24


Will said...

Wow, this blog is amazing. Having these correspondences online is helping to preserve history that might otherwise be lost to time. I've spent hours reading some of my Grandfather's letters from WII. He was stationed in the Pacific Theater, and always thought his letters home were truly profound.

Recently, I discovered a memoir, written by a Vietnam Vet entitled "When Soldiers Cried." It's a historical narrative based on his experiences as a young enlistee, and details a tragic experience he endured in a firefight. I think everyone who reads Hero Letters would really enjoy it. Check it out at the link below:,com_virtuemart/Itemid,62/category_id,17/flypage,shop.flypage/manufacturer_id,0/page,shop.product_details/product_id,97/

Thank you for running this blog. Keep it up!

Jim said...

Just thought I would let you know that if you ever want to post any of your Grandfather's letters on my WWII Letters Blog, I would consider it an honor to be able to post them.

k karuhn said...

It was good to see this photo of president Johnson at Cam Ranh Bay, I've been looking
for a photo like this for a long time. I'm the guy with the sunglasses standing in front of the president.

Jim H. said...

Pretty cool! Thanks for your service. Glad you found it.