Vietnam War Letter, 1st Lieutenant, June 3, 1968, Reaction Force Leader

Written by a 1st Lieutenant who was in Vietnam at the time, June 3, 1968. From the letter:

   Last night was a very uneventful night. I’m not at all unhappy about it. I slept most of the day today and went to work late in the afternoon. It’s been raining here lately which has made for some real pleasant weather. Temperatures wise that is.
   Tonight I have the honors for reaction force leader. This means, if the VC hit us I lead the men out to defend the perimeter. I hope things stay quiet again tonight.
   It’s no since asking you any questions in the letter because I’ll see you before I could get a written answer. (I like that idea)
   Let me see, when you receive this letter, you should have about 4 or 5 days until you leave. Are you packed yet? As long as I’m on the subject of your trip. I have one request to make, Please don’t miss your plane. (I’m kidding of course)
   By the way since I haven’t written to your family for such a long time, please convey my well wishes to them.
   Well, that’s all I can muster out of my feeble mind tonight. I leave you tonight with the thought that the only thing that matters to me is you.

All my love,

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