Marine Captain Vietnam War Letter June 24, 1968

 This letter/card was written by a Marine Captain, in Vietnam, June 24, 1968. From the letter/card…..

Had a long day today and have another long one tomorrow. I’m in the process of starting 2 new jobs and the coordination and instruction that goes into getting them going keeps me going. Went to the beach yesterday and got a good sunburn. In another week I start working out again in an attempt to gain back some of the weight I lost. The new doc’s new tape recorder arrived today so we are listening to some sounds tonight. Only 110 days to go now. Time for bed.

Love to all,

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DF-Dub said...

In Wichita, Ks my mom had just given birth to me one hour before he wrote this letter. That is super crazy to me. It's like I have time traveled or something. I hope he made it out Ok and had a great life. Totally nuts.