Vietnam War Letter Lt. September 3, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam, September 3, 1968. From the letter…..

    I’m really something. I worry and get depressed and so forth when I don’t get any mail. Then I turn around and fail to write for two days. I’ve been plagued with that “hate to write” feeling lately. Now I feel bad and I’m trying to make up for my failure by writing to you while I’m at work.
   I was planning to write again the other night while I was Officer of the Guard, but the night got a little exciting, and I didn’t have time.
   Sunday, I slept all day and in the evening watched the show at the club. (It wasn’t very good) Yesterday, even though it was Labor Day, I had to work. I should say, I had to be in the office. I was planning to write to you last night but I played a game of chess which lasted longer than expected. I was so tired when the game ended, I went straight to bed.
   Don’t worry about me giving you any static concerning the wedding preparations. I’m with you all the way. I do, however like to hear about the things your doing.
   Tomorrow, I have to take a trip into Charlie country to another unit. I’m a witness for a Court Martial case concerning Marijuana. I don’t really relish the idea of making the trip but I guess it’s all in the line of duty. Anyway, I have to earn my $65.00 a month somehow.
   How can you stand to watch those Sox games? They seem to have a knack of losing. I guess you are what they call a “real” fan. I would probably be right in there rooting for them too, if I was able to follow the games.
   Speaking of sport, have you seen the result of the Green Bay exhibition games? I sure home they do better during the season. They play Sep. 15 in Green Bay, against Philadelphia.
   Well, I’m going to put this letter in the mail box now in hopes it will get out this afternoon. I love you and miss you.

All my love,

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