Vietnam War Letter Lt. July 3, 1968

This letter was written by a Lt. who was in Vietnam, July 3, 1968. From the letter……

Hey, don’t feel depressed. Only 155 days to go. I’m writing this in response to your last letter where yo mentioned you were somewhat depressed.
Last night I didn’t get a chance to write since we had a practice alert. At 6:30 PM I went into the club to wait for the alert to start at 7:30. I had a couple of beers then I had a couple more and after that a couple more. I realized I was getting a little woozy and wondered when the alert would be called. At that time I was notified that the alert was over so I had a couple more beers. Well, to make a long story short I wasn’t notified of the alert and drank so much beer I was glad when I got to bed. Not a very good excuse for not writing is it?
I was told today that I may get a change of job. My roommate and I may take over the company as Company Commander and Executive Officer. I really hope this comes through. Keep you fingers crossed.
Today was a bad day. The mail man forgot to deliver the mail. Actually, the mail plane didn’t arrive, no one got a letter. Very bad for the morale. Maybe tomorrow.
I hope everything is going well for you. How are the two mothers acting? I have these pictures in my mind of both of them screwing around doing things which aren’t too important.
I want to be extremely serious now. Relax and take a deep breath. Ready? After thoroughly thinking about our relationship. I have come to the conclusion that it lacks. For me it lacks you, and for you it lacks me.
Please say hello to everyone for me. Even if I don’t write much, I still remember them once in a while. Well, goodnight.
All my love,

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