Lt.'s Vietnam War Letter May 23, 1968

This letter was written by a Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam, May 23, 1968. From the letter…….

   I received a letter form your mother (my future mother in law). I’ve never seen paper that size. It looked like a catalog. She told me that if ever a marriage was made in heaven, it was this on. I thought that described it perfectly.
   One other thing she mentioned which I tend to agree with is; you and I would be better off if we made mo9re decisions and stood by them. I realize that this is very difficult due to the distance between us, but let’s try. Whenever anything comes up don’t think it’s to small to bother me with. OK?
   Ooops! Well, I’m back it’s about 15 minutes later now. Somebody just fired a couple of shots in our direction from the village. Tonight could be exciting. I should tape the noises which are being made right now. Don’t’ be worried there isn’t really much to worry about.
   Well, by the time you get this letter I will probably have received one from you with your plans for R and R so I won’t ask you what they are. 

All my love,

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