Lieutenant Vietnam War Letter July 7, 1968

 This letter was written by a Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam at the time he wrote the letter, July 7, 1968. From the letter……

   Today is Sunday, the second day of our club opening. The club is beautiful and quite a success. There’s only one problem. Everybody seemed so happy and I felt so depressed. This may sound kind of thick but I can’t rally be happy without you. I want to share all my happiness with only you and no one else.
   I’m sitting here in my room listening to one of the tapes you sent. It’s great listening music. This one is Roger Williams. I want to thank you again.
   I was happy to hear that you started your job, and that you thought you would be happy with it. By the way, where is Spiegel’s?
   This is really a short letter so short it’s almost not a letter. Actually, I could say everything in just 3 words, at least everything that is worth anything. I love you.
   Well, good night from Vietnam. I’ll write again tomorrow.

All my love,

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