Vietnam War Letter, 1st Lieutenant, March 5, . 1968, VC Attack

Written by a 1st Lieutenant who was writing the letter from Vietnam, on March 5, 1968. From the letter.......

   I thought I had better write to you as soon as I had the chance. I didn't write again last night. I'm really getting bad aren't I? I'm sorry. Yesterday quiet a battle raged in Tuy Hoa City, which made things kind of hot here. (I'm about 8 miles from the city) Last night I went to the club and had dinner and a few drinks. After that I went and watched TV until 11:00. When I got back to the room I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. I was awakened ab0ut 3:00 AM by the sound of explosions. The VC tried an attack but failed. We had 5 men wounded but we got about 30 of them.
   I'm writing this letter while at work. I am extremely tired, as you might guess. The only thing on my mind besides you is getting some sleep. 
   I haven't received any mail in the last two days. What a demoralizing thing. I sure hope the situation improves. I guess I ought to write more than I do, but you are the only one I really feel like writing to. I think I'll write to my parents today. Time is so blurred over here. I can't even remember when I wrote to them last really amazing, the days and nights and weeks just merge together. It's really easy to lose track of days.
   I'm going to put a picture in with this letter but right now I don't know which one, so I won't be able to tell you anything about it.
   Well that's about all for now. Please give my love to your family. I'll write to you again tonight.

All my love,  
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