First Lt. Vietnam War Letter June 30, 1968

 This letter was written by a 1st Lt. who was in Vietnam June 30, 1968. From the letter.....

  I am dieing to receive our surprise. I wish you hadn’t said anything to me.
   Today I received a letter from Bill and one from Wally. Wally sent me a picture of his daughter. She looks just like him. Bill told me that he talked to you the other day. I’ll bet that conversation was interesting.
   Today being Sunday, I stayed in bed all day. This wasn’t really because it was Sunday but because yesterday was Saturday and last night was Saturday night. We had a party to celebrate the completion of our new club. All the booze was free. Wow! Next weekend we will have a two day grand opening. You should see the club. It is fancier than a lot of nice restaurants around Chicago. In other words, it’s really nice.
   Today was also payday and guess what? I forgot all about it. I didn’t get paid. Now I’ll have to go to Finance tomorrow. Smart, aren’t I?
   Well, that’ about all I have for now so much happens here, I have a hard time remembering everything. Oh yes, we can say good bye to another month. Hooray! 

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