1st Lt. Vietnam War Letter May 11, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lt., who was in Vietnam, March 11, 1968. From the letter…..
   Greetings from the war. The longer I am here the more I wonder why. I probably shouldn’t say that but that’s the way I feel. I’m here because I’m and American and proud of it. I think the U.S. has got itself into one hell of a situation. The average person over here doesn’t know anything about politics, elections, freedom etc. They have been farmers and they will continue to be farmers no matter what happens. I think that we have mad a mess of things here since we have changed these people’s lives so much all they care about is money. We have brought these people out of there “dark ages” way of living in one giant step. I think this will really have an affect on them. The U.S. can’t stay here much longer and it’s impossible to leave. Well so much for the way I feel. The fact still remains that I am an American and I will do what my President directs. OK?
   So you heard the news of our little battle here. I don’t usually get involved with these skirmishes. This particular one was about 5 miles from here. Anytime I get involved is when we have some harassment type attacks on our perimeter. All in all, I’m pretty safe.
   Would you believe that I have 270 some days left and I want to go home? Well I do. Today for some reason I really missed you. You were on my mind continuously all day. I found it hared to work. That’s no exaggeration.
   Sorry no pictures today. I’m going to make special effort to take some more one of these days.

All my love,

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