1st Lt. Vietnam War Letter Feb. 12, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lt. who was in Vietnam February 12, 1968. From the letter…..

   You are amazing or should I say unbelievable. I received 122 letters and one package today. I haven't’ opened the package yet. I haven’t had time. All these valentines, thanks a lot. You are wonderful. I’ll have to get busy and write more often to make up for the letters I got today.
   Tonight I am officer of the Guard. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? It means I get to stay up all night and make sure Charlie doesn’t get inside our perimeter. I hope everything stays quiet.
   I know I have told you before, I really like my job up here at my new home Time sure goes by much faster than it did at Cam Ranh.
   Guess what I have decided to quit that terrible habit- smoking (at least try.) I’m afraid I’m going to get fat if I quit though. Are you still smoking? I think you said once that you were gong to quit. Didn’t you:?
   Well I have to go out into the night and check the guards. I’ll sign off now.

All my love,

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