1st Lt. Vietnam War Letter August 2, 1968

I received your letter of 28 July today. In it you asked about the honeymoon. If it is alright will you, Jamaica will be the place. The length I figure will be a week to 10 days. You also asked about stopping in New York. That sounds like a splendid idea. We can make arrangements and reservations at the same time we arrange our honeymoon (I should say “I’ll arrange” if it suits you)  If you want to do this. I can make arrangements to attend a couple of interviews while we are there, thus taking care of business with pleasure, OK?
   I bought something for you today. I don’t know if you will like it but it’s yours. I’ll send it with the flag as soon as I get a container. The gift is some Vietnamese silk pajamas. They don’t come in sizes so I took the largest size. I hope they fit but I have my doubts. (a lot of them) I’m not trying to be funny it’s just that these Vietnamese women don’t get any larger than a 10 year old American girl. Anyway, the silk is nice.
   Today was another hot one, yow hot. I’m really looking forward to winter. However, I’ll probably be hotter in December than I am now. I might as well say it since I’m on the subject, I love you. What else did you expect me to day? Boy, what an incoherent paragraph that was.
   Well only 147 days left. A drop in the bucket compared to the time we will be together.
   In case you are wondering, we haven’t had any trouble with the VC lately. I hope it stays that way.
   Want to hear a gross story? You don’t have to read the following if you don’t want to. Today the infantry found 3 VC bodies outside our perimeter, they were killed last night in an ambush. Well, after each man in the ten man squad relieved themselves on the bodies, they notified a recovery crew. That’s just one little story from behind the scenes.

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