Vietnam August 22, 1968 Letter from Lt. with low morale

This letter was written by a 1st Lt., who was in Vietnam August 22, 1968. From the letter…..

   My morale is extremely low today. This was the third day without a single letter. I sure hope there is one tomorrow.
   The last two days have been great. I’m in charge of the office. This makes the day go really fast wince I get involved with everything.  I wish I could do the job until I left.
   I hope I can stretch this letter on to another pages. I’m at such love for things to write about.
   How about the weather? I’m sure you are interested to know that I am now living in a “dust bowl.” the dust is so think due to the wind velocity, visibility is reduced to 10 yards at times.
   I just found out something today which really makes me feel like hell. The Vietnamese soldier is drafted and is given a certain number of years to serve. When this time is up, he can get out of the Army and go into civilian life. Well, what the hell are we doing over here letting American blood spill over the country side, when these people don’t give a damn to begin with. It seem to me that a country in the state of war, would keep their soldiers in uniform. I could go on but if this mail was ever censored I’d be facing a General Court Martial, so I better quit now, anyway, I’m at the end of a page.
   I’m sorry there are no pictures tonight, there aren’t even any poems or songs. Just these little words. I love you.

All my love,

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