Tuy Hoa Vietnam War Letter LT. 1968

This letter was written by an Army Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam when he wrote it August 19, 1968. From the letter…..

   Since I didn’t write yesterday, maybe I’ll be able to write more than one page. You know, I’m developing a complex. I’m getting to feel like I have really failed if I don’t write more than one page. It’s all because of you.
   Yesterday I did what I said I was going to do. I slept til noon, and spent part of the afternoon on the beach. I didn’t swim much since the jellyfish drove me out of the water Owe! There were thousands of them.
   Last night I broke down again and had a couple of drinks, which was the reson I didn’t’ write. I must admit I slept well though.
   You asked me if I know how lucky I am that you love me, Well honey, I consider myself the luckiest man alive.
   I found the little article that’s enclosed in the letter, and it reminded me of the time you said you were getting old. According to them, we’re just about over the hill. I’m sure you’ll have some comment to make about that.
   I finally packed that little gift I wrote about way back when? I hope to send it within the next couple of days. The flag is beat up and ripped at the ends so don’t be surprised, and the little outfit you can give to Cathy. It ought to fit her. Anyway, you should be receiving it in the next couple of weeks.
   I did it again honey, a second page. Wow! Now what do I write about? Oh yes, we are officially in the 3rd stage of the community offensive. We received word at 1600 hrs. yesterday afternoon. Everybody thinks the NVA and VC will try something tonight but I doubt it. They know we’ll be waiting for them.
All my love,

P.S. I forgot again. The picture is of the main street in Tuy Hoa. I’ll bet that really excites you. 

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