Tuslog October 12, 1964 Letter Turkey

Tuslog October 12, 1964

This letter was written by an Air Force Lieutenant stationed in Turkey, during the Cold War/Vietnam War era. From the letter…..

Again today no mail came in which makes two days straight so I can sure expect lots of mail tomorrow from you if mail comes in. I played tennis this evening for about two hours and really wore myself to a frazzle. I played Lewis again and I won two out of three sets. It was dark under the lights when we quit playing. I bought a refill for my papermate pen today at the PX. I got the Jumbo size so it should last me for quite awhile. I ate a dinner at the club abut 1100 hours and then had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this evening I played two games of marbles, watched Andy Griffith on T.V. and listened to the last two innings of the baseball game on the radio beamed on shortwave. The St. Louis Cardinals won the ball game 5-2 and now lead the series 3 games to 2 games for New York. So the Cardinals just may win the series after all. BREAK 2300 hours Just got back from cocking an air plane. Both of the other crews flew today and are on crew rest so when one of the air planes was refueled and all ready to be cocked, we had to do it. We will be primary crew until 0300 hours in the morning and then we will be Tertiary until 1100 hours at which time we will become Secondary. The Russians launched three men in orbit today so I guess you know why we flew both of our airplanes today And again tomorrow early we think the Russians will bring the 3 men back to Earth so we will be ready for that too. Be sure not to mention this information to anyone darling, even though it will be history when you get this letter. It still gets quite warm during eh days but at night it gets cool enough to wear a jacket. I spent a couple hours again today studying my Bridge book. It’s really interesting; The more I study the more I’ll retain the knowledge. I  hope you can find time to get the book I have mentioned and study it. I will have lots of time to spend teaching you more about bridge later from my book but to first study one book and then another will make it easier for us to get together and talk bridge and get our bidding all straightened out. No matter what you do or happens I’ll

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