Tuslog Letter Airforce Lt. Turkey 1964

This letter was written by a Air Force Lieutenant, with Tuslog Det 50 (Turkey). The letter was written October 15, 1964. From the letter…..

   After a sleepless night of tossing and turning I got up at 1000 hrs. and prepared for the 1100 hr. briefing. There was mail delivered but I didn’t get one. So maybe I’ll be more lucky tomorrow. After briefing, I ate dinner at the club and then sat around in the barracks for awhile before playing tennis. I played tennis for nearly three hours which really wiped me out. Then I took a shower and layed down and slept for a couple hours. Then I watched T.V. for awhile and since then I’ve been listening to the radio and the final game between the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals. Right now the score is 6 to 3 in favor of the St. Louis Cardinals, Wait a minute, It’s now 7 to 3. The Cards just got another run and it’s the last of the 7th inning. So it looks like the St Louis Cardinals will be the champs. During eh ball game a while ago, a bulletin flashed that Premier Khrushchev of Russia has been ousted or else resigned but it hasn’t been confirmed.
   In Monday’s paper there was an article about T-38’s colliding at Reese AFB in Lubbock. Do you remember 1st Lt. William Bookout? We played him and his team in bowling, remember? He is an IP there at Reese. I’m sending the clipping. Also today I got my last Per Diem check for $150.00. The only reason I can see to have to cash it is to pay my final BOQ fees for the room for three months. And that money I’ll get back when I get to Forbes.
   That takes care of the events of today. We are Primary Crew now by the schedule until Saturday at 1100 hrs.   BREAK…. 2250 hrs. The St Louis Cards finally won 7 to 5. It sure was an exciting game. Did you watch any of the games? If you didn’t why not?
   Another hurricane came through parts of Florida but it didn’t come near Tampa, thank goodness. By the way, I hope you don’t have to drive through deep water there in Tampa. Please don’t. That’s sure hard on cars. I’m going to wash my clothes tonight if I can ever get the washer. It’s kept busy almost all the time.
   I hope your Mother is feeling better by now. I guess I will go to bed in case we have to fly in the middle of the night

I love you,  

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