Tuslog Letter Airforce Captain Turkey 1965

Tuslog, July 15, 1965,

 This letter was written by an Air Force Captain stationed in Turkey, during the Cold War/Vietnam War era. From the letter…..

Early this morning we had to fly. The Primary crew has also flown before we got up and we followed them about an hour and a half later. I didn’t get much sleep last night and flew all day today, for 7 hours and 5 minutes so I’m dead tired and still we have to cock our airplane again in the middle of tonight after it gets fixed and we will be Primary crew. After all this time of not flying it seems we are getting it all at one. I had a letter from you when I got to the Annex from flying It was number 36. This pen I’m using I borrowed. It isn’t much good though. The picture that was in your letter probably was a good one except it was so much out of focus it was worthless to me. Why send spoiled pictures? You had gotten another roll of film from my trip. I don’t think there is another roll of film. I’m glad you enjoyed the film. I’m glad you enjoyed the film. I’m so tired from lack of rest I must close for now. My eyes are so blood shot and feel numb. It is even possible we’ll have to fly again in the middle of the night but I sure hope not. I ate a steak dinner this evening since I was so hungry. I hope to be able to go to the PX tomorrow to get a refill for my pen.
   Miss you much my love. Be seeing you pretty soon now.

Your one and only,   

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