Richard Michael Allard Missing in Action Vietnam War August 24, 1967

Richard Michael Allard

Staff Sergeant

Unit: 119th Aviation Company 

Date of Birth: 24-Aug-46
Date of Death: 24-Aug-67
City: Chesaning
State: MI

Notes: Staff Sergeant Allard was a member of the 119th Aviation Company, 52nd Aviation Battalion, 17th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Brigade. On August 24, 1967, he was crew chief of a Bell Iroquois Utility Helicopter (UH-1H) on a combat support mission flying low-level along the Dak Bla River, South Vietnam when a down draft caused the aircraft to crash into the water. He was declared Missing in Action. His remains were not recovered. His name is inscribed on the Courts of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial. Fore more information see:

Did you know Richard Michael Allard? Did you serve with him? Did you wear his bracelet? Do you have a story of him or photo to share?  If you can answer yes to any of those questions, please leave a comment, so all can know that he has not been forgotten.


Anonymous said...

To the family of Richard Allard,

Richard Allard, Spec. 4, 8-24-67 is the name on the bracelet I have had since the war. I keep trying to find out what happened to him. When I put his name in on the search of the wall, I don't come up with anything. If the family would like the bracelet, I would love for them to have it. I would also love to hear from anyone who can tell me what happened to Richard or knew him.

Patricia Innaco

shari goldsberry said...

My name is Shari and I have a braclet with Spec 4 Richard Allard's name on it. I had no idea that they made copies of the braclets. I got my braclet at the Air Force Base in Chicago where my parents worked. I also visited the Vietnam Wall when it came to Aurora IL. and I left a letter for his family on the wall. I have prayed over and over all these years that he would be brought home. And I will never stop saying that Prayer. My heart goes out to his Mother and his family. I have a Brother that served in that war and we were all blessed when he came home. So Your Sons story is very close to my heart. God Bless Sharon Goldsberry

Mary Eggert said...

I am a proud daughter of a WWII soldier from Michigan. Dad always taught me love of country and to always have the utmost respect and gratitude for our Veterans, and I do. I have and wear a tee-shirt with names of all Michigan POWs and MIAs. I am taking the time to read and every soldier's story. It is the least I can do. As the Mom of 3 boys, I cannot imagine the pain of not knowing where my son is and how he died, as well as a burial.
God bless the family and friends of Spec 4 Richard Michael Allard.

Lorayne (NH formerly Philly girl) said...

I too wore his bracelet for many years and think about him a lot. I feel for him and his family. I have read the account of the trip and visit his mother says she made, and do not understand why the government would have let her see him but then deny it. I pray some day he can be returned to U S soil! It's likely his mother is no longer living.