Lt. VC Attack Tuy Hoa Air Base Letter, July 29, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lt. who was in Vietnam, July 29, 1968. From the letter…..

   Today was a very nice day, besides being 102 degrees at 6:00 PM. I received a very nice letter form you (as usual) and one from your mother. I feel bad now because I haven’t written to her for such a long time.
   I really don’t have much to tell you tonight. Not much happened wince last night. As I wrote that last sentence, I just remembered that there was something. Last night the Tuy Hoa Air Base was attacked by the VC. They destroyed a couple of planes and wounded 5 Americans. All 10 of the VC were killed. They also killed 6 more VC outside of our perimeter. That’s it, so you don’t have to worry if you hear about Tuy Hoa in the news.
  Our inspection today went real well. No real deficiencies or problems, Thank God.
Well honey, that’s all the news. I’ll write again tomorrow.

All my love,

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