Lieutenant Vietnam War July 14, 1968 Letter

This letter was written July 14, 1968, by a Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam at the time. From the letter…..

Well here it is Sunday evening again. I spent most of today trying to recuperate from last night. I got off work yesterday at 5:30 and went to the club for dinner. The kitchen doesn’t open until 6:00 so I sat down and drank a couple of beers and played dice. I ordered a steak at 6:15. I had all the intentions of eating, getting a shower and going to bed early. Well, the kitchen lost my order and it wasn’t until 7:30 when I finally received my meal. About that time Ron came in and asked me if I wanted to split a bottle of champagne with him. I said sure but that I would be leaving shortly. Well to make a long story short 3 hours and 12 bottles of champagne later we stumbled out of the club. Two rather sick Lieutenants.
   Today after spending the morning in bed. Rand and I decided to take a little sightseeing trip to Tuy Hoa. We spent a couple of hours there and took some pictures. This was the first time I took any pictures since Hawaii.
   Well honey. I sure haven’t been doing very well keeping up with my letters. I’m really sorry and honestly I‘ll do better. 

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