Letter from TUSLOG, Turkish United States Logistics Group July 1965

The letters in TUSLOG stand for Turkish United States Logistics Group. The Airman who wrote this letter was a Captain with TUSLOG Det 50. The letter was written July 1965. From the letter…..

 It was shortly after I wrote to you last night, I was undressed but still I hadn’t gone to bed yet when we had an ASAP. We jumped into our flight suits and raced to the airplane and was airborne at 2325 hrs. (11:25 PM). We flew for 7 hours 10 minutes and I took a shower before I lay down and went to sleep I only got about 4 hours sleep after being awake all last night flying, when it got too hot to sleep, the air conditioning acting up again. Also the building was a little noisy from the other guys. So I got up and ate a breakfast. Then I read the paper and worked the crossword puzzle. Then I just sat around in shorts in my room reading trying to keep cool as I could. The airplane had several discrepancies after we landed and they are just now getting it fixed. Also this afternoon after they took off due to malfunctions so both airplanes were out of commission until just recently they got one of them back in operation. Another crew is cocking it.
     When they fix our airplane we will go cock it again and we will be secondary crew until tomorrow at 11:00 when we ill go back to Primary. Also this afternoon I washed two loads of clothes and dried them. No mail came in today but I hadn’t expected it after all the letters I got from you the last two days.
   I guess by this time you should be thinking of writing me that you expect to be leaving within the next week to 10 days and instruct me to begin writing to you at home.

Your one and only,

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