DaNang August 1966, Vietnam War Letter

This letter was written by a sailor who was part of a Navy Support Group, in DaNang, Vietnam. The letter was written August 30, 1966. It is written on U.S. Forces-Republic of Vietnam letterhead. From the letter…..

   How are you Darling! Fine I hope. I am OK. Well, I think they did cut this down to an eleven month tour of duty over here. But I haven’t seen no official paper out on it yet.
   Has your Dad been fishing lately? Or has he got that other load of wood yet? Or can he get Jim to swing and ax. Ha ha.
   Have you been writing every day? Because the last letter I got was dated the eighteenth of Aug. and the one I got last night was dated the 25th. Are you writing everyday? I would like to know. Or they sure have got a big mix up in the mail someplace.
   Well Darling I’ll close for now,

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