Army Lt. Vietnam War Letter August 21, 1968

The letter was written by an Army Lieutenant, who was in Vietnam at the time he wrote the letter. It was written August 21, 1968. From the letter…..

   I just returned from watching the movie “Seconds”. Did you see that thing? I’ll probably have nightmares all night.
   I wish you wouldn’t worry about saying anything as you say, “icky” to me. I know that you are thinking of us, and you aren’t off the hook since you were never on it. OK?
   I wish to thank you for the clipping you enclosed in your last letter. Actually, I’ve just about decide to purchase a car from a dealer in the Chicago area. There are too many chances for things to go wrong when ordering autos thru these concessions over here.
   That just about covers the items you mentioned in the last tow letters I received from you. (both today)
   I received some employment information fro HFC. All I can say is Number 10. They offer a starting salary of $600.00 per month. With a $75.00 a month raise after 18 months. I sure think I can do better than that. The minimum starting salary I’ll accept is $700.00 per month. I feel fairly confident that I can get that. What do you think?
   In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying my best to write more than one page. I was offered a new job today. The Colonel asked me if I would like to take over the club system here. I would have 40 clubs under my control. I don’t think I’ll get the job since I have less than 100 days to go. I wish they would have offered this to me last April. Oh well, I could really care less, I just want the days to pass rapidly.
All my love,

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