Air Force Captain Tuslog Letter during the Cold War/Vietnam War era

Tuslog, June 17, 1965

 This letter was written by an Air Force Captain stationed in Turkey, during the Cold War/Vietnam War era. From the letter…..

Today was shot doing nothing hardly at all. I got up about 1100 hrs. and had breakfast and read the paper and worked the crossword puzzle. The Turkish workers painted the barracks here all day so I just sat around all day doing nothing. I played hearts a little and also played some casino. I also took a nap. That’s all that occurred today.. Except that I washed two loads of clothes and dried them Then I just finished ironing some handkerchiefs and two pairs of pants. Tomorrow around noon, a General is due to arrive on a tour of our facilities and is expected to walk through the barracks. That’s the reason for painting our rooms and the whole barracks just to try to impress the General. The rest of the crew have been having bad luck trying to get a ride (airplane) to Beirut. They are going to try again in the early morning.
   No mail came in today. The reason I haven’t laid in the sun the past two days is that it’s been completely overcast yesterday and today.
   Tomorrow while the General is around I want to stay away from here cause they want the people around to be in uniform so I may go golfing to get away from here.
   I guess I’d better close for now so Frank can get to sleep. Also I want to go to bed too so I can get up tomorrow in plenty of time to straighten out his room and dust off everything and make sure everything looks OK for the General.

Your always faithful and devoted husband,

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