1st Lt. Vietnam War Letter May 18, 1968

This letter was written by a 1st Lt., who was in Vietnam, May 18, 1968. From the letter….

   I received your letter today, the one where you said you made tentative arrangements. I hop you have firmed them up by now. I also received a letter from my mother containing some pictures. Did you know that you are very beautiful?
   I don’t know about you but I am extremely excited about R & R. I can hardly wait to see you. I’ll probably act like a little kid or a blundering fool. I hope not.
   Tomorrow is Ho Chi Min’s birthday. Did you know that? We expect the VC to have a celebration on our perimeter. We are on an alert status right now just waiting for them to try something.
   I liked you idea about getting a double room in Hawaii. As you said “you know what I mean---?
   Don’t worry I will be in complete control, I hope (smile).
   You probably have guessed by now that I don’t know what else to day. I hope you will excuse this short little not. Until my next letter.

All my love,

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