1st Lt. Vietnam War Letter February 19, 1968

February 19, 1968; 1st Lt. Vietnam. From the letter……

     Would you believe in April we will have a bathroom (latrine in the Army) with hot and cold running water, showers with porcelain wash basins and honest to goodness flush type toilets. Boy it's getting so nice over here I may not want to come home. (hah!) This improvement relieves my mind of a worry I had. You see I was afraid that when I got home, I would have forgotten that I was supposed to flush the toilet. I have gotten into the habit of doing my business and leaving. Thus, I'll have to get back into the habit of flushing the toilet again but at least it will be over here.
    I suppose right now you are sitting there with a little grin on your face, thinking this subject is kind of funny but not really believing I'm writing about it. Well, you get the idea so I'll continue to something else.
    Do you want to do something? How about stating your plans for R&R. I would like to know what your plans are to include: who is coming to Hawaii, what kind of accommodations do we want, whether you want any money etc. When I find these things out I can send you a list of hotels and other places which might be appealing. You know, you will have to be there at least a day before me so that you can find a place to stay for us. I could possibly make reservations from here but I think it would be easier for you. In the future I'll give you more details so don't think you have to do it all.
    How do you like the picture. This is my hooch in Cam Ranh. Notice the picture of that high school girl I have on the wall. This picture was taken before i got your other picture. Believe me, it's just as small as it looks. My bed is on the right side. Actually in Cam Ranh at least I had a bed. Here in Tuy Hoa all they have are army canvas cots. Well, I can't really say much more about the picture.
    Say, I'm listening to AFVN Radio and I just heard a song. Since I was trying to think of something more than I love you its very appropriate. "My love is higher than the highest mountain deeper than the deepest sea. My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine stronger than the strongest steel- or something like that I forgot. Any way, you get the message don't you? In case you don't turn to the next page.

(Included a Valentine drawing with the message below saying: "This is a genuine home made valentine. )

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