Vietnam War Letter on 101st Ariborn Letterhead Navy Sailor 1966

 Even though this guy is in the Navy, he is writing on 101st Airborne stationary that the picked up somewhere. The return address says he is with U.S. Naval Support, and the postmark is from the USS Bexar. From the letter written November 8, 1966.…..

   How are you my Darling. Fine I hope. I am OK Darling. Except for my cold. I sure wish I was there. I sure do miss you very very much, and I love you very very much. I always will too. I just got through writing one letter a while ago. So I am at it again.
   I sure was glad to get off of that other ship though. It was the only ship in the Navy where you could get a fresh cup of cold coffee.
   Well I finally got the film ready to send off tomorrow. So I don’t know how long it will take to get them back. But when I do I’ll slip a few in the letter at a time. So they won’t be too heavy. I’ll write on the back of them s you will know what they are about.
   Will be glad when I get back so we can patch things up. I am glad that everything is OK. Has Mom got there get? I sure hope so. Don’t worry about her, she is real easy to get along with. Just as long as you agree with her, ha ha. About like anybody else. She will probably be full of questions though. Have you gotten the record player fixed yet? I sure hope so. It sure would help you pass the days a little faster.
   How is your Mom and Dad? Fine I hope tell them hello for me. Why didn’t Jim help him get the wood? Jim needs a swift kick in the rear end.
   Well Darling I’ll close for now.

I’ll love you always,   

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Anonymous said...

Recently read some letters I had written my mother when I was in Vietnam. I thought they sounded a bit pedestrian. After reading the letters, I see in my "NAM" brothers we wrote a lot alike.