Paul Jennings Bates Jr., missing in action, Vietnam, August 10, 1971

Paul Jennings Bates Jr. 


220th Aviation Company 

Date of Birth: 20-Feb-43
Date of Death: 10-Aug-71
City: Mesa
State: AZ

Notes: Captain Bates was a member of 220th Aviation Company, 212nd Aviation Battalion, 11th Aviation Group, 1st Aviation Division. On August 10, 1971, he was the pilot of a Cessna Bird Dog Observation Aircraft (O-1G) conducting visual reconnaissance in Quang Tri, South Vietnam when his aircraft crashed and burned. His remains were not recovered. His name is inscribed on the Courts of the Missing at the Honolulu Memorial. For more information see:

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Unknown said...

I was paul's platoon leader.
he was the most fearless Christian soldier I ever knew. we haunted the ho chi minh trail, killing bulldozers. at night, back at the airfield, he would play his twelve string guitar in the bunker as the rockets came in. paul taught me courage under fire, by example. and he introduced me to Mormonism, for which I now have a life long respect. I still believe he may be alive somewhere in the triple canopy of tri borders, our area of operation, where he crashed. I imagine him living in laos, as a happy farmer, with elven kids. to sing while being rocketed? his spirit lives. I love you, paul.